The Brave Truth Experience

A team, leadership and culture transformation initiative, Brave Truth ensures maximum participation of individuals as they undergo an experiential discovery of unconscious bias, beliefs and personal perceptual frameworks through a facilitated process of sharing personal information in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

As the game progresses, relationships of trust are cemented, and participants find mutuality through a growth in understanding of similarities as opposed to a focus on differences. The debrief provides the opportunity of raised personal awareness and learning, and a mechanism for transferring a silently or overtly contracted agreement of trust, developed through the playing of Brave Truth, back to the workplace.


  • Development and enrichment of meaningful relationships.
  • A lasting foundation for future co-operation and collaboration between individuals and groups.
  • Open and truthful communication.
  • Constructive resolution of conflict.
  • Trust, interdependence and resilience.

By its experiential and considered design, Brave Truth not only creates guaranteed replicable outcomes of safety, disclosure and discovery, it’s the speed at which
it happens, in 120 minutes, that is revolutionising team and leadership development initiatives. – Geraldine Coy

How can Brave Truth help your business?

Brave Truth has the same impact with teams ranging from frontline operations through to executive and board level teams.

Dysfunctional Teams – In his book ‘The five dysfunctions of a team’ author and expert Patrick Lencioni identifies 5 levels of dysfunction that cause organisational politics and team failure. Brave Truth can be successfully used to positively impact these.
Functional teams – Deliberately Developmental Organizations is a term coined by the Harvard Business Review. DDO’s recognize the need for vulnerability, accountability and trust in raising individual and team performance to a higher level.
Workplace Health and Safety – Safety Culture expert Patrick Hudson defines Generative safety cultures as being driven by trust and ‘peers taking care of peers’.
Business specific applications: – Including project teams, mergers, change programs, talent development programs, psychological safety and well-being, executive team coaching, health and well-being initiatives.

What participants are saying

  • I found Brave Truth engaging 100%
  • I learnt something about myself and also the others in my group 100%
  • Brave Truth allowed me to be vulnerable yet still feel safe, supported and valued 100%
  • I believe Brave Truth increased the level of Trust in our group 100%
  • Through the playing of Brave Truth we were able to find mutuality 100%
  • Brave Truth facilitated a higher level of disclosure in the group 100%

Flexible Delivery Options

Brave Truth is a specialised experiential learning activity that allows for flexibility in delivery:

Standalone session – One session delivered in 2.5 – 3 hours including a short debrief.
Integrated delivery – Brave Truth can be successfully integrated into existing programs and initiatives and is often used to create awareness, engagement, ownership and buy-in.
Bite size delivery – Brave Truth suits a morning or lunch and learn delivery rollout, and can be integrated into modular sessions.
Internal accreditation – From a cost saving and internal ownership perspective, organisations can undertake an internal accreditation process and deliver their own Brave Truth programs.

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