The Brave Truth Experience

The foundation of every effective team of people is the ability to communicate openly and truthfully. This is even more apparent in the business setting where teams are required to form, collaborate and develop trust quickly in order to drive results.

The Brave Truth Experience is a unique opportunity for your team to rapidly develop the emotional intelligence competencies necessary to become a high performing team. In a world and business environment where authentic face-to-face communication is rapidly being masked by written communication and technology, teams that foster a deeper level of communication will forge new levels of group confidence, success and profitability.

This is more than team building; this is an experience in genuine conscious relating with immediately transferable learnings and results. Now more than ever is the time to embrace and experience the Brave Truth


Development of Meaningful Relationships

Recognition of self and human life circumstances allows for the principle of reciprocity to ensure eager participation. When you share confidential information in a safe and non-judgmental environment you are in a sense giving a ‘gift of truth’ and your gift is usually met in kind by the other person. As the sharing experience progresses, relationships are cemented through growth in the understanding similarities, as opposed to focusing on differences.

Trust is an established consequence.



The program has a tested platform of success in South Africa, and offers real opportunity in Australia and globally, in the contexts of extremism, and organisational politics. It is supportive, non-judgmental and develops real tolerance, understanding and self-management.

Trust is experienced based and built up through repeated encounters. This workshop, based on Brave Truth the board game is designed for our present time, and appropriate for groups and organisations looking for transformation and deeper relationships within their teams.



  • To challenge participants to share personal views and to receive feedback on how others perceive them
  • To encourage participants to explore topics for courageous conversations
  • To foster an environment where participants can explore openness and vulnerability with each other
  • To build confidence in one’s own views and the ability to communicate them


  • Development of self-awareness through feedback from others
  • Insight and awareness into the biases of others and how this affects their world view
  • Understanding the principle of reciprocity, whereby openness encourages others to be open
  • Building a deep level of trust and rapport within teams, which allows team members to explore courageous conversations and begin to challenge each other with empathy and respect
  • Setting the foundation within teams to work more collaboratively in the future


Designed to ensure maximum participation of individuals, allowing for personal determination of the level of vulnerability – thus reducing resistance and maximizing openness to new ideas and learning. Participants, learn the value of mutual interdependence, openness and developing trust.

Content Management of Preconceptions

The participants undergo an experiential discovery of unconscious bias, beliefs and personal perceptual frameworks. Recognition and management of these comes about through interactional learning with others in the group. Relevant theory for application in the professional environment lies in the inherent emotional intelligence framework of the game.

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