Building the trust in companies and communities together to lead to greater wisdom for leadership and development. A team, leadership and culture transformation initiative, Brave Truth ensures maximum participation of individuals as they undergo an experiential discovery of unconscious bias, beliefs and personal perceptual frameworks through a facilitated process of sharing personal information in a safe, non-judgmental environment.


By its experiential and considered design, Brave Truth not only creates guaranteed replicable outcomes of safety, disclosure and discovery, it’s the speed at which it happens, in 120 minutes, that is revolutionising team and leadership development initiatives.

Brave Truth has the same impact with teams ranging from frontline operations through to executive and board level teams.

  • Dysfunctional Teams – In his book ‘The five dysfunctions of a team’ author and expert Patrick Lencioni identifies 5 levels of dysfunction that cause organisational politics and team failure. Brave Truth can be successfully used to positively impact these.
  • Functional teams – Deliberately Developmental Organizations is a term coined by the Harvard Business Review. DDO’s recognize the need for vulnerability, accountability and trust in raising individual and team performance to a higher level.
  • Workplace Health and Safety – Safety Culture expert Patrick Hudson defines Generative safety cultures as being driven by trust and ‘peers taking care of peers’.
  • Business specific applications: – Including project teams, mergers, change programs, talent development programs, psychological safety and well-being, executive team coaching, health and well-being initiatives.
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