If culture is “the way we do things around here”, and that’s not working for you, and your business plan requires concerted effort in doing things very differently, then you are going to need great Change Management strategies.

Today’s professional Change Management requires the execution of a project management plan by appropriately appointed team members who have the knowledge, skills resources and support in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Change Management also requires an equally strong Communications Strategy to bring everyone in your business into the loop and to keep them engaged, excited and focused on the delivery of the business plan.


If you are looking for assistance in getting this right, Geraldine can help your team to understand and work toward:

  • Sustainable Change Management.
  • Change Management training/facilitation.
  • Organisational Change Management.
  • Leadership and Change Management.
  • Change Management strategies.
  • Change Management Plan and Methodology.
  • Change Tools, Templates and Techniques.
  • Change Manager Support and Coaching.
  • Human Resources Systems and Policy Development to support Strategy.
  • Management of Absenteeism.
  • Health and Wellbeing and impacts on the bottom line.
  • Employee Engagement and Branding.
  • Career Management Strategy and Coaching.
  • People Management Strategy.
  • HR Leader Coaching.
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