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More than just a game.


Product Description

Introducing the NEW way to Inspire, Motivate and Change the way your team thinks and acts.

Never before has a board game had such an impact on the players. Based on “BRAVE TRUTH” the international selling book from Geraldine Coy,BRAVE TRUTH – The Game®, creates a totally new experience for players to not only interact with each other, but also to understand different values.

It challenges you to think differently about your opinions, your thoughts and also opens the mind to understanding the feelings of others.

“The game forces you to tell the truth”

The game has a unique ability to bring everyone together, in a comfortable, safe and secure environment. Without a doubt the best icebreaker available today.

There’s power in telling the truth, and this game shows you how you don’t need to wear a mask, and hide behind a lie, because the truth will not only set you free, but score you points with other members of the team.

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Are you challenged by

– Teams that don’t work collaboratively?
– Groups and individuals who struggle to understand and support each other?
– Conflict borne from a lack of trust?
– Your people lacking in interdependence and resilience?

Brave Truth is the fastest and simplest way to resolve all of these issues. This innovative tool will give you and your leadership teams a whole new language to cut through the nonsense of dysfunctional working and to build high performing, accountable leadership which delivers results.

If you would like to learn more about how this game can assist you in building trust, maintaining integrity, help teams bond, develop and grow internal relationships that translate to external client trust, then make contact today.

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Product Enquiry

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Deliveries are available throughout all major cities within Australia.

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Introducing Geraldine Coy – A speaker that cannot be ignored.

Geraldine is the Managing Partner of Red Tin Shed. Her career has seen her develop over 30 years experience in senior management roles in private and public companies, her own and others, and in the public sector.

Geraldine has been appointed to senior Human Resources roles in the Telecommunications and IT Industries, Manufacturing (Steel and Food), and in the Public Sector.